Welcome to The Housing Connection

The Housing Connection supports adults with an intellectual disability to live meaningful and inclusive lives in their communities. At The Housing Connection we have always put the needs and aspirations of individuals at the centre of all we do and tailor support specifically so they can achieve the outcomes they desire.

The work of The Housing Connection is guided by our commitment to giving voice to those people who are historically the most excluded within our society and to challenging structural inequality. We work to achieve the best quality of life possible for each individual by providing innovative support so that they can develop appropriate skills, have valued roles in the community, and participate in the community as full and equal members.

Families and friends are closest to the person with a disability. The Housing Connection values the involvement of families and friends closest to the person with a disability, to ensure that the support we provide best suits the client's needs, interests and wishes.

Why are we called The Housing Connection?

In 1981, a group of parents who were concerned about the future accommodation of their sons and daughters formed an action group which eventually grew into a community organisation. After some time the focus changed from finding accommodation to providing support to people with a disability to live independently in their own homes and connect with people and services in their communities.

About Us

The Housing Connection is a fascinating and diverse community: The people we support, their families, friends, carers and advocates...

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What we do

The Housing Connection (THC) supports people with an intellectual disability to live quality lives in the homes and communities of their choice.

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News & Events

View our latest newsletters and resources at The Housing Connection. If you have something that you wish to share with others let us know.

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