About Us

The Housing Connection is a fascinating and diverse community: The people we support, their families, friends, carers and advocates, our Board, committee members, staff and members of the local community share a common passion – to enable people with disability to live rich, rewarding and inclusive lives.

We seek to maintain an organisational culture that encourages creativity and the attitude that we will do "whatever it takes" to improve the quality of life outcomes for those whom we support - within the boundaries of available resources and proper processes.

The Housing Connection operates according to core principles:

  • A belief in a right to quality service,
  • An unwavering commitment to building the best quality of life, in accordance with the person's goals and aspirations.
  • Quality, that is measured in terms of favourable outcomes and dignity for each individual
  • Commitment to the development of individually tailored programs that focus on individual needs as well as their strengths and abilities, that effectively and authentically involves people (as much as is safely possible) in the choices and decisions they make in opportunities to develop their own lifestyles to suit their personality and needs
  • Building an organisation and staff who respect, relate to and connect with the people whom they support, and with whom they develop authentic relationships.