How is The Housing Connection Funded?

Over 90% of the funding received by The Housing Connection comes from the NSW Department of Human Services; Ageing, Disability and Home Care through funding agreements. The rest of the funding comes from interest on capital, client contributions, grants (for example from local government or clubs) and donations.

At present, the Roseville house and a group of clients who receive Drop-in support are block funded– this means that The Housing Connection receives money on a project basis but the funding does not specify who will receive this support or how much they receive. All the rest of the funding is individualised (that is allocated for support for specific individuals) under the policy of personalised care and support that is now the basis of both State and Federal funding policy. The NSW State Government has said all funding will be individualised during 2014.

Once the National Disability Insurance Scheme is fully implemented all of the funding will be individual and portable - meaning that the individual will be able to carry their funding with them to any organisation they choose or for any purpose that enables them to live the lives they dream of.