Our Team

Our organisational chart puts the people we serve where they belong – at the top of the organisation! 

 THc Org structure 2013

Social Educators and Senior Social Educators work together to provide direct support to assist people who are the core of The Housing Connection.  Social Educators operate from a person-centred perspective and assist people we support to participate in valued experiences, develop meaningful connections, positive interests, skills and behaviours in order to enhance their lives, and to experience and believe in their valued social roles within their communities. Participants in the Work Skills and Leisure program participate in a range of activities that include personalised work and life skills training, work experience, job placement and meaningful individualised day activities.

Team Leaders (or Project Coordinators) guide and support the Social Educators to deliver services, build important relationships and partnerships, maintain the rights, needs and interest of clients, and provide mentoring, support and training to Social Educators.

Our Office Manager, Katharine Coward, keeps the engine of our office humming!

THC has a management team comprising: 

CEO Nicola Hayhoe
Manager: Client Services: Anne Louise Hickey
Project Manager: Community Living: Inna Keum
Project Manager: Work Skills and Leisure: Laurence Bathurst
Bookkeeper: Joyce Baillie