Vision and Values

Strategic Plan 2015-2018

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What we aspire to...

Rewarding and valued lives for all people with disabilities.


What we do...

  • Support people who have intellectual and other disabilities to live fulfilling lives in the community, as independently as possible
  • Place our clients at the centre of all we do. Their unique and individual needs determine the services we deliver
  • Support, train and value staff to make this mission real
  • Manage ourselves responsibly to ensure our long-term viability.

We achieve this mission by...

  • Supporting clients to exercise maximum choice and control over their lives, listening and responding to their needs and seeking regular feedback to inform service delivery
  • Supporting meaningful participation and active inclusion by establishing and facilitating networks of individuals and maintaining community organisations that enrich our clients' lives
  • Treating clients with respect and understanding, promoting individual rights and challenging all unfair practices and policies
  • Recruiting, supporting, training and retaining top quality staff
  • Ensuring comprehensive systems and management practices are in place to deliver quality outcomes for our clients.


Underpinning our approach...

Social Justice
The principle of valuing all individuals guides us to challenge unfair practices and policies.
We are passionate and committed to our work.
We are reliable and trustworthy, demonstrating the best practice with those we support.
Social Inclusion
We believe all people are entitled to the benefits of citizenship within our society.
We treat all people with respect and understanding.
We focus on quality of life outcomes for people we support.