barbara-smlI am 67. I do a lot of good work in my community. I help deliver l Meals on Wheels. Every year I raise money for cancer. I had breast cancer once so I like to help. We invite everyone to The Biggest Ever Morning Tea or the Pink Ribbon Day Tea and give cakes and tea. We also have talks on healthy living.

michael nasa smlI love everything to do with radio waves and walkie talkie sets. Before I came to The Housing Connection I lived in a group home and did not have much chance to do the things I loved. I even present my PFP using a Walkie Talkie! One of the first things I did when I started at THC was to do radio announcing for the local radio station.

ski-trip-smlPaul was one of seven clients taken who joined THC staff for a skiing weekend at Thredbo. Paul used to live at Roseville but wanted a more independent life so he now lives in his own apartment. He is an accomplished artist and a fantastic sportsman - the perfect person to head the team of THC skiers!!

kate-rob-smlWe are best friends Kate and Rob. This time last year, we both lived at our family homes - we were happy, but our families were really in charge of our lives. Then came SLF and THC!

susan-smlI could never read and write. I enjoyed writing notes using my own form of spelling. When I copied words many of the letters were upside down and the wrong way around. When I was over 50 I decided I really wanted to read and write. I had a part-time job at a department store which I loved but I knew I could do my job better if I could read.

john-smlI came to The Housing Connection in 1987. I used to live at a place with lots of other people but I did not like it there. I started living in Roseville and learned how to look after myself. I stayed there for nearly ten years but I wanted to move out. I am still friends with Sally who lives in Roseville and we have dinner together or go out.