Community and In Home Accommodation Support (Drop-in)

Historically The Housing Connection was allocated Drop In funding to provide support to a small number of people requiring assistance to live independently in the community. Later, individuals received their own funding for drop-in support. This support is provided in the individual's own home or in the community. Within a framework of person centred planning and support, each client benefits from this approach as they are guided towards independent living and full participation in the economic and social life of their communities.

We adhere closely to our training in Social Role Valorisation (SRV) and help people realise their equal right to somewhere to safe and enjoyable to live, rewarding occupations, better health care, good learning opportunities, chances to enjoy the company of friends and family, to enjoy footy, cricket, tennis, whatever their favourite sport, to go out to dinner, parties, the movies and holidays and to participate meaningfully in the day-to-day life and happenings of their community.

People we support may live in live:

  • In units, houses and town houses provided by Community Housing or the Department of Housing or owned or leased by clients themselves
  • In family homes,or
  • In homes that are located close to others.

Our community


No matter what activities the people we support are engaged in, or how they are funded, all are part of The Housing Connection community. This community includes former clients, friends, families, carers, advocates, staff, former staff members, Board and Committee members and members of the community. Together we enjoy many and varied social activities – barbeques, dinners, bowling, sporting events, movies, the theatre, picnics, camping and skiing trips.

Supported Holidays

Holidays are a very important part of the life of the people we support. As always these meet individual needs and clients are encouraged to fulfil their dreams. Over the years, the people we support have enjoyed overseas trips (for example to Florida, USA to watch the launch of the Space Shuttle; Canada; Fiji, New Zealand, Vanuatu) and various places in Australia (Queensland's Gold Coast and Brisbane, Coff's Harbour, Port Stevens, Canberra, Parkes) – wherever anyone wants to go!! The may go on their own or with a small group, depending on their preferences.

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