Self-managed Support

Individuals who receive funding for day programs may be able to select the Self-Managed Model.

The individual manages their funding with the help of the intermediary service provider. The Housing Connection is very happy to assist individuals who wish to manage their own funding. In the future it is likely individuals will be able to manage other funding themselves, should they wish to do so.

Fee for Service

Historically The Housing Connection has not charged fees, believing that disability support is a right. However, since 2003, we have accepted those clients who are not able to access government funding on a fee for service basis. Even under the NDIS, not everyone who wants support will receive funding. Clients who are charged fees are accepted on a case-by-case basis with exceptional care taken that any expenses do not disadvantage the client in any way.

However our clients are funded, they become part of The Housing Connection family and, while pursuing their individual goals and aspirations, are immersed in the zany, creative and innovative 'extra-curricular' whirlwind days of our world.