Our Mission, Vision and Values

Values in Action

The Housing Connection (THC) started its journey with an over-riding commitment to fostering empowerment, facilitating social inclusion and promoting socially valued roles within their communities, for and with the people to whom THC deliver services.


Rewarding and valued lives for all people with disabilities


• Support people who have intellectual and other disabilities to live fulfilling lives in the community, as independently as possible.

• Place our clients at the centre of all we do. Their unique and individual needs determine the services we deliver.

• Support, train and value staff to make this mission real.

• Manage ourselves responsibly to ensure our long-term viability.


Social Justice

The principle of valuing all individuals guides us to challenge unfair practices and policies


We are passionate and committed to our work


We are reliable and trustworthy, demonstrating the best practice with those we support

Social Inclusion

We believe all people are entitled to the benefits of citizenship within our society


We treat all people with respect and understanding


We focus on supporting people to live the lives they want to live

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