Alex's Story

“I started at THC way back in 2016 as a TTW student. Despite being shy and anxious, I used to come into THC 2 days a week and close the door to study my graphic design diploma, plus I didn’t find socialising easy. I didn’t even like eating my lunch in the kitchen; as I ate out in food courts alone.

Fast forward to 2021 and a lot has changed since the last few years.

My socialising skills have blossomed out, extremely, that I now attend every social event.

Pre COVID-19, I attended Saturday Socials, Pizza Night, Boot Camp, Walking Club and every other THC BBQ or party celebrated (eg. the pub). During COVID-19, I still come to the office three days a week (special consideration); and also to continue with the walks.

Since I have started to socialise, I feel like I say I have friends that I enjoy talking to (and teasing!). Also, during this time, I engage on Houseparty with other clients, showing my designs and playing trivia, and helping THC with my artistic flyers.

Today, I feel like a different person; as I changed socially, and my confidence and I know every person, and they know my name and it’s important to me.” 

– Alex Stanton, Graphic Designer

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