School Leaver Employment Support

Our approach has three separate components:

  • Work experience.
  • Preparing for the work environment including social interaction.
  • Skills training. 

Firstly we co-ordinate with employers to seek out work experience opportunities for each student. We know this is the best way to develop relevant employment skills. Because we have supported many students with diverse interests and abilities, we recognise that it’s equally important for students to understand the social and cultural expectations of the workplace. In addition, specific skills or technical know-how may be required for the particular job the student is aiming for. In many cases, participants go to TAFE to develop certain skills, some students take online courses and we also recruit specialists to teach skills onsite or in the community. You may need to go through a number of steps to reach your career goals or to get your ‘ideal job’. Everyone is different – we help you find your direction and the best way to get to where you want to be. 

Examples of current participants’ activities:

  • Attaining a learner’s driving licence
  • Studying for skills based certifications such as the building industry ‘white card’
  • Online short courses in Photography, Digital Media, Business Services
  • Developing art skills which have commercial potential such as 3D sculpture and printing, street art, engraving and dance
  • Personal training to improve fitness for work
  • Gardening to grow food, learning about healthy cooking and developing hospitality skills
  • Improving technology skills including Microsoft Office programs, Premiere Pro, Final Cut and Illustrator

Program duration and what happens next

  • If you are successful in finding work before the end of the two year program, that is wonderful. We will support you to get settled in your new workplace
  • You can work part time and remain in the program. We’ll help you
  • Students can go to TAFE or university and remain in the program. We’ll help you
  • At the end of the program, if you are work-ready but haven’t yet found the right job, we connect you with a local DES employment provider, who has experience of providing pathways for our participants.

Find out how together we can assist you to find somewhere to live, or to find out about existing vacancies Call Now (Monday to Friday office hours) or make an enquiry.

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