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CEO Technology Video 08/03/2021

Good morning,

Earlier this year I made a video announcement that THC were commencing the ITC Transformation Project, whose objective was to find a replacement system(s) for ProSIMS and Time on Line. Both have been in use since 2014 and have technical and functionality limitations.

A number of you, from varying roles and teams have participated in the initial phase where we:

  • Determined and prioritised THC needs through workshops
  • Analysed different system options
  • Assessed and scored systems against criteria in demonstration workshops

The completion and quality of this phase would not have been possible, without the collaboration and contribution of those who participated; many thanks for sharing your knowledge and skills over the past months.

We are pleased to announce that at a recent Board Meeting, they endorsed the preferred suite of systems to replace ProSIMS and Time on Line:

  • Lumary – Client and Staff Management
  • Skedulo – Rostering and mobile app for Social Educators
  • Easy Employer – Award Interpretation and Payroll

The above suite has established integrations, providing a seamless experience when working across the systems, it has a disability sector focus and established work flows that strongly align to THC client practices. Lumary is used widely within the sector and is a recognised software leader.

In September we will be commencing the implementation phase of the ITC Transformation Project, which will run concurrently to our existing client support, for approximately 6 months. To support you all through the implementation phase, we will be engaging additional team members, with sector knowledge and expertise.

This project is a strategic priority for THC and will provide a system foundation that will support evidence-based practice, access to qualitative and quantitative data, regulatory compliance, and mobile real time access to client information including recording with ease the client’s journey with THC.

Once we have established the project team and completed contractual negotiations, I will provide a further update.

Many thanks and I hope you are well.

Kind regards,

Nicola Hayhoe
The Housing Connection


Good morning Team!

As I communicated a few weeks ago, THC is replacing ProSIMS and Time on Line with a new suite of systems: Lumary (for Client and Staff Management), Skedulo (for Rostering with a mobile app to support service delivery), and Easy Employer (for Award Interpretation and Payroll). 

We are now ready to commence the implementation of the transition to these systems and are excited to announce our Project Kick Off meeting will be held at 2pm on Tuesday 23 November (zoom meeting link below). We would like all those who will be involved in the project to attend and meet the Project Team, and all other staff are also welcome to attend to learn more about the project.

This is an exciting initiative for THC as both of our existing systems have been in use since 2014 and now have significant functional and technical limitations. In contrast, the new systems will allow us to work seamlessly across all areas and so greatly improve the efficiency of how we do our work. As mentioned previously, this is a truly important strategic priority for THC and will provide a system foundation that will support service delivery, mobile real time access to client information and supporting THC’s operational requirements.

We will shortly be inviting a number of you again to participate in a series of Discovery Workshops as we work with Lumary to develop a system that is truly tailored to our needs! 

We recognise that any change to how we do our work can be challenging, but we hope you will all embrace the challenge and take this opportunity to build a system that will create efficiencies and improved working arrangements that ultimately result in helping us to provide better outcomes for our wonderful clients. 

Please join us at the Project Kick Off meeting. If you are unable to join us, a recording of the meeting will be available for you to view here: our new communication hub for the project, that will be your ‘go to’ place for all information about the project as well as have the latest news to keep us all up to date with how the project is progressing. 

Many thanks and I look forward to you joining us on the exciting journey ahead.

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Tue 23 Nov 2021 2pm – 3pm Eastern Australia Time – Hobart

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Meeting host:

Nicola Hayhoe
The Housing Connection


Hi Team!

The ICT Transformation Kick Off meeting was held today, Tuesday 23 November, so we are now officially underway! Thanks to all those who were able to attend.

If you weren’t able to attend, here is:  

a.       a link to the recording of the Kick Off meeting  

b.       a link to the presentation slides  

c.       a link explaining mobile phone compatibility for Skedulo (more info to come on that) 

d.       a link to a short (30 minutes) demo of the Lumary platform. 

If you have any questions about the project and how it might impact your role, chat to your Team Leader or send them to Chris Cox, our ICT Transfrormation and Project Manager on or 0417 613 299. 

Kick Off Slide Deck

Question follow up

Here is a link explaining the compability of mobile phones for use with the Skedulo mobile app:

Lumary Demo Recording

       Discovery Workshops (L1-L2)

Meeting Notes:

Meeting Recording:



Please view the project stages and timeframes in the image below. 

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