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At The Housing Connection, we provide a personalised service to meet each individual’s specific needs.  Through our social, recreational and community engagement options, each person has a tailored plan that is goal oriented to ensure that activities are meaningful and beneficial.

Goals often cover skills development and practical activities but may also include:

  • Self-management
  • Social interaction
  • Friendship
  • Self-reliance
  • Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We help you to fully participate in the economic and social life of the community. We believe everyone has the right to enjoy footy, cricket, tennis, or whatever their favourite sport, to go out to dinner, parties, the movies and holidays and to meaningfully take part in day-to-day life.

We also support people to live in their own homes. Support could be as little as a few hours per week or up to 24/7 hours per week.

Support is generally provided on a one to one basis. We encourage you to get involved in the community and to include people in activities that promote social interaction. We assist you to develop skills and interests to take into the future, and to create some continuity.

“Makes my heart so warm to know what a wonderful warm and supportive community you have created. You are simply the best. A community of living love.” 

Renee Koonin, Friend of THC

The Housing Connection community includes former clients, friends, families, carers, advocates, current and former employees, Board and Committee members and other people in the community. Together we enjoy many and varied social activities – barbeques, dinners, sporting events, movies, theatre, picnics, camping and skiing trips.

We meet face to face with every person we support, with close family members and friends in order to ensure that we meet their specific needs, interests and goals of each individual.

Each person has one or two key workers who really get to know them and who will share their interests. We create individually tailored pathways depending on the needs and dreams of the person requiring support. Our focus is on relationships and supporting each person to integrate with their community, working cooperatively to achieve the best individual outcomes.

Hear some stories. Learn more about the people we work with and how they are leading rich and rewarding lives.

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