Supported Independent Living

What is Supported Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is for people with high support needs who require access to support 24/7 and to enable the ability to live as independently in their own home. This could be sharing with other participants in a home, sharing with a person without disability (co-tenancy) in your own home,  or co-located near other people with access to overnight and shared supports. Many people think of SIL as their home-based supports, as distinct from going to work or other social and recreational opportunities during the day.

At The Housing Connection, our SIL support is tailored around your individual needs, goals and aspirations. Our focus is on the development or maintenance of skills across all aspects of everyday living in the home and the local community. Our focus is on empower you and growing your skills and capacity whilst ensuring your well-being and safety.

Find your Dream Home with The Housing Connection

Supporting people to live in their own home, independently, in their community is an integral focus area of our services, and our purpose for the last 40 years. Finding suitable homes – bricks and mortar options – is a challenge and THC continues to work closely with local Community Housing providers for Social Housing options and also working with developers in pursuit of Specialist Disability Accommodation (NDIS SDA) to accommodate more people seeking disability housing. 

Our approach to assisting people to find their dream home is always unique to each person’s needs and we aim to work with them to adjust and build skills through the process of transitioning into a new home.

Why should I use Supported Independent Living?

Our SIL services are personalised to cater to the individual needs and preferences of each person. These include round-the-clock support such as personal care, cooking, cleaning, and assistance in fostering social connections.

“The Housing Connection has supported our son to live independently for 29 years. The staff at THC are excellent and truly put our son at the centre of everything they do. We are so delighted with the quality of the service he receives. They assist him to engage in the community and we have seen dramatic improvements in his social and living skills. We would not want him to go anywhere else.”

Rob and Jane Eales, Stephen’s parents

What are the benefits of Supported Independent Living?

Community: We facilitate peer based social events for friends and family, such as BBQ’s, birthday parties, opportunities for you to maintain relationship and to build extended networks across the THC community.  You are able to plan the support you would like to go out and about in your local community, for example going to the bank or supermarket, or Friday night dinner and movies.

Safety: At THC, we design our SIL services, considering the need for a safe and secure environment with access to support 24/7.

Independence: Our SIL services prioritise your independence, decision making in every aspect of life and your autonomy.

Community Support Services at The Housing Connection

Our Homes

The Housing Connection's SIL home in Roseville


This large house has been home to many and served as a steppingstone for many to develop their independence and to move into their own tenancy. Roseville is known for hosting social events and currently is home to two long-term tenants. There is currently one vacancy.

The Housing Connection offers SIL homes in William St, Chatswood

William St

William Street is a bespoke housing solution for nine people who each have their own home with access to 24/7 support (via a staff hub and sleep over), and outside of each person’s daily 1:1 supports.

Supported home for people with disability


This property offers four two-bedroom units that provides both individual and shared support. Currently, we have space for two participants to become tenants and join our welcoming community at Artarmon. Conveniently located within walking distance from the train station and surrounded by numerous shops and supermarkets, this property is an ideal hub for convenience and comfort.

Watch our Artarmon residents talk about their living experience

What is the process for SIL with The Housing Connection?

Identifying Your Requirements

We talk with you to identify your needs – our team is committed to understanding  your requirements from the start.

We will pose questions such as:

  • What is your ideal living situation?
  • Who do you want to live with, if anyone?
  • What do you like doing with your day?
  • What are your existing social and/or employment commitments?
  • What degree of support do you anticipate needing in your new home?
  • Are assisted living services necessary for you?

Securing Funding

If you’re currently seeking a place to live, it’s vital that you possess or are in the process of applying for appropriate funding from the NDIS. Most of our homes require Supported Independent Living funding. Each housing type has its own distinct prerequisites.

At The Housing Connection, we aim to assist you in identifying and securing the appropriate funding, and we’re here to support you throughout the process.

Hunting for Suitable Accommodation

The Housing Connection primarily supports people living in Sydney’s Lower North Shore and across the Northern Sydney region. We liaise with community housing providers, property developer and real estate agents to assist you to find the right living option for you.

Our goal is to help you find your new home as quickly as possible, but sometimes, finding one that meets all your criteria can take time. Rest assured, we’ll be with you every step of the way, patiently waiting alongside you.

Explore the opportunities of support for independent living with us and experience the benefits of our SIL NDIS services. Our SIL accommodation is more than just a place to live – it’s a community where you can thrive.

“It is the perfect mixture for us, and it can only happen because THC supports us to live the life we choose and not the life someone else thinks we should have. Because of THC, we have an exciting new life together, doing the things we want to do, with the people we want to do them with.”

Kate and Rob, THC participants and best friends

Frequently Asked Questions about Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Who is eligible for SIL funding?

SIL is for people with higher support needs who need some level of help at home at all times, 7 days a week, including overnight support.


How much support will I receive in SIL?

The level and type of support provided in SIL is tailored to each person’s support needs and will vary based on any existing informal support and other activities you regularly do such as attending work.

How do I apply for SIL funding?

To apply for SIL funding, you will need to complete the Home and Living Support Request form (link to NDIS) with a change of situation form.  Our Support Coordinators (link) can help you with completing these forms and compiling evidence such as OT assessment reports.

Who will I live with in a SIL home?

Our SIL homes are carefully matched to ensure your compatibility with others you may be looking to live with and opportunities to gradually get to know one another.  

How much does SIL funding cover?

The amount of SIL funding will be determined depending on your individual support needs. The NDIS will determine how much funding to include in your NDIS plan.

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We currently have several vacancies in Chatswood and Artarmon. We are also in the process of developing more homes in Willoughby and Kellyville. Submit the form below to enquire and receive regular updates from us

Some Images of Our Homes and their Residents

 Hear Jono’s story.  Discover how we work with you to find accommodation solutions and help you live the life you want.


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