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Technology Assistance Enhancing Quality of Life

Technology has become integral to our daily lives in the digital age. Technology is crucial in virtually every aspect of modern life, from communication and entertainment, to work and learning.

For individuals who may face challenges in their everyday lives, technology assistance can significantly improve quality of life. One program that stands out is The Housing Connection’s (THC) Tech Guru program.

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What is The Housing Connection's Tech Guru Program?

The Tech Guru program is THC’s innovative initiative designed to provide comprehensive technology assistance to individuals. This program aims to empower participants by enhancing their independent living skills and communication abilities through technology.

How Tech Guru Can Improve Your Quality of Life

By leveraging technology effectively, the Tech Guru program helps individuals overcome daily challenges, enabling them to live more independently. Whether it’s learning how to use a new device or software, managing emails, or navigating the internet safely, Tech Guru provides personalised support tailored to each individual’s needs.

Common Tech Issues that Tech Guru Can Assist With

Tech Guru is equipped to assist with various common IT issues. Whether you’re struggling with setting up a new device, dealing with a stubborn software glitch, or having difficulty understanding how to use a specific app, our Tech Guru is here to help.

THC supports adults with disability to be involved i community-based activities

Some Learning Outcomes from Tech Guru

The Benefits of Remote Support

One of the key advantages of the Tech Guru program is its remote support option. This means you can receive expert assistance without leaving the comfort of your home. Remote support saves time and resources and ensures that help is just a call or click away when needed.

Personalised Approach to Learning

At THC, we understand that everyone learns at their own pace and in their way. That’s why the Tech Guru program adopts a personalised approach to learning, providing one-on-one guidance and support based on each individual’s unique needs and abilities.

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