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Social Saturdays

Disability social group enjoying Saturdays in the city
Disability social group that goes for outings on Saturdays

What would we do without the Saturday socials? This disability social group initially came together from seeing adults with disabilities we support become socially isolated on the weekends which can feel very lonely. This a diverse gang of people, that all look out for one another and meet regularly. Everyone has input and a voice in decisions around what they want to do, and where they want to go every week.

This has proven to be a great opportunity for social groups for adults with disabilities who are new to THC and want to get out and about to meet others in a laid back and fun environment. The gang spends time researching and asking each other what they would like to do in preparation for their fun Saturdays. Life at THC isn’t just the regular 9-5pm, people’s lives continue, and the clock never stops ticking. The gang accommodates everyone’s interests to ensure that every Saturday is an experience to talk about for the week ahead, whether it’s going to local markets, bowling, crazy golf, swimming, day trips and the list goes on! Through these sessions people have formed authentic friendships and relationships and that’s the glue that holds the gang together.


Social activities for our disability support clients
Swans Group
Social activity for people with disabilities
Yarn Circle
Walking club members enjoying the sun at disability social group
Walking Club
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