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Walking Club

Let’s get walking! We all know the benefits of walking, it’s good for the body, mind, and soul. The Walking Club is a local social group for adults with disabilities that has kept us exercising and we have adapted to walking in pairs in a Covid safe way when needed. We have befriended the park’s local kookaburra and have named him Barry. ‘Where’s Barry’ is now the common phrase used. 

It’s more than just a walk in the park at our beautiful, local Beauchamp Park. Everyone is welcome at a time that works in with their routines and schedules, cloudy or sunny, we keep walking. The park is a wonderful diverse community hub. On any given day you might see a local group practicing traditional Chinese dancing, dog walkers in the oval, grandparents pushing prams, children playing in the park, Barry the Kookaburra, and beautiful native trees.

Everyone joins and walks at their own pace, the real draw of the group is the banter between one another that happens along the way, and the photoshoot at the end of our walk. On Friday, we head to Willoughby Hotel for chicken wings and a drink after a 45-minute walk to unwind and come together. This Disability Social Group was born out of Covid lockdown when many things were being cancelled, we wanted to keep everyone moving and staying healthy in the fresh air whilst still being able to connect with others in a safe way to ensure that life continued as naturally as possible. Walking Club takes place on Monday, Wednesday at 10 and Friday at 11 am.

Walking Club is a wonderful Social Group for adults with disabilities near you


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