The Yarn Circle is a Disability Social Group for learning new skills

The Yarn Circle

Our THC Yarn Circle is a social group for adults with disabilities that has been going strong for a year now. It’s our knitting, crocheting, and stitching disability social group that meets once a week in Chatswood. We have a steady group of people who meet at a local hotel for some sipping and stitching! It doesn’t matter if you are a master stitcher or a beginner – everyone is welcome, new members and old. Our Yarners have made carry bags, iPad cases, soft toys, and squares for a THC blanket.

As the name suggests, people come to the social group to have a ‘yarn’, or to use ‘yarn’ in their creations. The name ‘The Yarn Circle’ was inspired by ancient First Nation practices of forming healing groups to create a safe space where people would converse to share knowledge, improve listening and communication skills, improve patience in an environment with no judgement. This concept is core to our Yarn Circle as it is an inclusive environment where people can come together to socialise, learn new skills, and grow their relationships.

The social group was created by our Social Educator, Amy, but has since taken on a life of its own. All members share important responsibilities such as leading the circle, helping others, sharing their skills, and holding onto the group supplies until the next circle. It is amazing to watch all our Yarners build their independence, expand their social circles, and come together to make this group so inclusive and welcoming.

a group of people sitting at a table
Yarn Circle is a disability social group in Sydney
“Makes my heart so warm to know what a wonderful warm and supportive community you have created. You are simply the best. A community of living love.”
Renee Koonin

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